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Benefits of Insurance Credentialing in view of Changes in the Affordable Care Act

Insurance credentialing can be described as the willingness of various health care services and professionals to participate in providing care in association with the co-opted insurance providers. Insurance credentialing providers often encourage clients to become affiliated with insurance companies in order for the service provider to accept third-party reimbursements. This is essential because it makes […]


A famous quote by Alexander Strauch is, ‘Hospitality is the flesh and muscles on bones of love’. Very often people have a concept that in hospitals there are the physicians and nurses only, but let me correct this concept. A third more generous and devoted group of people called hospital pharmacists also works side by […]

How Does a Pharmacy Benefit Management System Work?

Prescription costs, already estimated at approximately 25% of the total health plan cost are expected to rise another 15% to 20%. Health care plans that are sponsored through employers generally have a prescription plan as part of the care. Drug companies can take advantage of these employers with over-utilization if they are self-funded. Prescription companies […]

18 Resources Every Veteran Should Know About

  The other day I was talking with a friend about mountain biking. We’re both fairly new to the sport, and completely inexperienced when it came to knowing what to do, where to go and how to do it. Case in point, we needed a guide. Someone who could show us the ropes about biking, […]

Desperation and Relief

The most desperate periods in one’s life is wanting to work, but being too impaired physically or mentally to contribute. In this country, we have made concessions for people that have worked their entire lives and have been rendered in that pursuit physically unable to work, drive, or even walk in some cases. Entities like […]

5 Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor

Hopefully you aren’t like me and have chronic back pain. There are many causes for a sore back. One source of pain can be from mental diseases. Another source can be from more physical ailments. Conditions in this category include: scoliosis, various forms of arthritis, kidney stones, infections, pregnancy, and even fibromyalgia. Back pain can […]