Desperation and Relief

The most desperate periods in one’s life is wanting to work, but being too impaired physically or mentally to contribute. In this country, we have made concessions for people that have worked their entire lives and have been rendered in that pursuit physically unable to work, drive, or even walk in some cases. Entities like the government and companies are incapable of feeling and understanding nuances in certain cases. Because of this, they mount defenses to the public’s access to their hard earned benefits. In spite of certain messages in the media and political rhetoric, these are not handouts or entitlements, these are benefits from a type of insurance policy that is paid into by working and surrendering a certain amount of that income against situations that stop the progress of individuals and families due to injury.

Because the benefits are payable from the government, there is a large bureaucracy and structure that is based on denying eligible people their benefits. This structures is so vast and complex that it is not accessible to many people without legal representation. There are certain government messages that are disseminated that claim that individuals do not need legal representation to navigate the process and receive their benefits, but this also a ruse that is designed to deny certain groups benefits based on broad generalizations. Most people often come to the conclusion that they need help only after they have bought into the rhetoric and have subsequently been denied their benefits.

Realistically, only a disability attorney can secure the proper benefits for people in need. The bureaucracy is designed to discourage people by being slow and complex, but a disability attorney can anticipate these roadblocks and not only assist clients in receiving their benefits, but also greatly speed up the entire process. People often wait many months in order to be denied their benefits. At this point, a call to the Parmele Law Firm would be appropriate. However, the Parmele Law Firm can assist in preparing the initial claim. This will greatly shorten the process by getting our clients their benefits the first time.

Invariably, many will be denied their first claim, and some will be denied multiple times. This is when the Parmele Law Firm will take over and fight to gain our client the benefits that will sustain them throughout their life of coping with a disability. We assure our clients that we will go above and beyond, and we receive no compensation until our client’s cases reach a positive conclusion. It is this creed that guide our efforts at fighting the system on our client’s behalf.

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