AXIO Really is ‘Smart’ Energy

LifeVantage is a company that has made its aim one of not just making people healthier and happier, but changing lives too. In fact, one of their company taglines openly states that they are about making lives better. This of course isn’t the only company that has made such claims, but a second look at […]

Danger Drugs Require Good Prosecution

What are the legal implications of marketing dangerous drugs to civilians? This can be a complicated matter as most pharmaceutical companies, although aiming to make the safest product possible, have actually, unawares, endangered many lives. This can be easy to do as it is easy to manufacture and market thousands of drugs per year. However, […]

Emotional Injuries at Work and Their Effects on Your Health

Many adults spend many hours at work than they do at home. This makes a workplace a second home. However, it is worth noting that the workplace if not carefully managed can be a source of emotional and psychological injury. This kind of damage is worse that the physical one as it is not physically […]

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What You Should Do If You Have Been In An Accident

Being in an accident or getting hurt can be an extremely stressful time in a person’s life. Why would you want to have to bother with little details when you can hire a qualified attorney with proven results. A personal injury attorney that is qualified will work with you to get you the most money. […]

Dealing with the Difficulty of SSDI Appeals

A person who suffers from a serious disability may end up facing a number of dire consequences. Depending on the type of disability, the person may not be able to work. Not working means not drawing an income, a scenario that could prove to be devastating if it drags out long enough. Mercifully, the Social […]